Fixed and Telescopic Seating

We represent Irwin Seating Company, based out of Grand Rapids, MI, for all our fixed and telescopic projects.

Fixed Seating is normally found in Theaters, Schools, Arenas, and Libraries. You can keep them simple or you can add a logo. Fixed Seating is one of many ways to be expressive in your upcoming project. 

Theater/PAC Inspections or maintenance work contracts available for your Fixed Seating. 

Telescopic seating is found in indoor or outdoor sporting arenas. They are either made of plastic or metal and meant to withstand weather. 

Office Furniture

The following services for your office furniture needs:

  • Furniture Specification / Budget Planning

  • Space Planning

  • Construction Services: Renovation / Management

  • Reconfiguration / Relocation Services

  • Complete Interior Design Planning

  • Sales and installation