About James

In the 5th grade I visited my first jobsite for a field check. Long before that I was going to work with my father on a regular basis. My earliest memories are of wanting to be like my Dad, a salesman. I have always had a deep love of construction and the sense of accomplishment you get when a job is complete. In 1996 I went to work as a sales rep for my father at GCF. We represented several science laboratory equipment and casework lines, the worlds largest manufacturer of fixed seating, and a major library shelving company. It was a small family business that provided well for us and we enjoyed it for a number of years.

In 2018 I got the chance to join Acrylabs as a sales representative in the state of Georgia. My history and deep background in the architectural, school and higher education markets has helped me share this new product due to my knowledge of how their systems work. I have enjoyed developing this market in the state of Georgia.

Most recently I have joined the sales team of Advantage Office Solutions. With this comes the opportunity to bring my clients over a 100 lines of furniture manufactures in conjunction with fixed and telescopic seating and fluid-applied roof systems.

I look forward to working with you on your project.


James K. Pressley

Independent Representative